book lovers silly season decoration

in accordance with the silly season instead of an actual christmas-tree I opted for a staggering mound of books attempting to resemble something like a tree*; to be fair I did try to buy one, I was never more determined to do so and visited three tree-selling-points, however I was so disappointed in quality and/or price, I gave up 

* if trees are triangular, straight edged and have titles on their backs that is


Marti said…
Saskia, this is a terrific tree especially for one who let us all know about The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry which I enjoyed very much. Just think, when it gets too gloomy outside, you can make a nice cup of tea and carefully remove a book from your book tree; talk about a giving tree. (Our local library also created a book tree complete with little white lights like yours, stands about 4 ft tall) very unique.

The little space between your books that holds the tiny snowman melted my heart but only for a moment as I didn't want anything to happen to your snowman!

No bought tree for us either. In keeping more with Winter Solstice, I did bring in some trimmed branches from our hedge of juniper tams and made a little tree shaped arrangement. The tree is topped with a very old star shaped golden wire with a tiny French horn on the top and tiny white lights. The other few decorations are dried orange slices that have been dusted a little with cinnamon and tiny white snowflakes that I made over 40 years ago. A small green beaded garland, souvenir from New Orleans is nestled among the juniper branches along with a few red baubles that my husband surprised me with a few years ago. At the bottom of this makeshift tree hangs a little wooden bear because my husband loves bears.
Liz A said…
There can never be too many books in a life ... read, stacked, altered ... and now tree-d. My librarian heart is happy to see this.
Patty said…
The wee ones perching in your
tree make me happy!
Dana said…
What lovely old books! I'll bet they are happy to be used so festively. Merry Christmas.
Debbie said…
Love the tree, from the wood back to the wood, and the word.
Julie S said…
You are the very best.
Mo Crow said…
love your book tree,trés cool Saskia!
Anonymous said…
the tree book....
once the where part of trees
a verry best idea i like that
daar hou ik van
géén kort leven voor een dennen boom
maar creatieve invulling .... joepi
this is BeautyFULL and GOOD
Unknown said…
Am quite taken with your blog. And oh, the book tree is nice, too.



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