getting ready for the x-mas party

the ladies have a winter outfit! just in time for the Christmas celebrations over in the studio. Luckily for them I came down with a stomach bug and have to stay indoors while I nurture my aching body; I have been dividing my time between sewing, knitting, sleeping and frequent visits to the bathroom.....
Emily has opted for a wrap-around skirt, to be worn both sides with a matching jacket and hat, all lined and snug, she is also wearing a lace necklace - 'there has to be lace Saskia', she said to me - and so there is. Malle is partial to woolen clothing, and she requested a skirt/dress to wear with her vest - 'remember I do have a tail', she whispered! hence the hole at the back

I do wonder if more beings will now want something special to wear.......I could keep these two ladies in the house so no one will see them and get ideas....then again, perhaps that is not quite what is called for in this season of giving.


Ms. said…
The ladies are simply lovely, and the bad bug will pass (eventually). i wish you a warm fire and comfort.
Anonymous said…
hotsji hotsji....... a bug in your stomach i look it up.... haaaa now ill understand it ....not nice to have it , you need a wish for good health , so i love to give you one and good tea
groetjes M.
Mo Crow said…
Your ladies are ready to party with bells on!
Liz A said…
Sorry to hear you're fighting a bug ... rotten luck for this time of year.
Emily's new attire is smashing ... I'm jealous
the lace necklace matching the
embellishment of her hat...Brilliant.

Fashion Design at it's Best.

Soon they will be at the Table.
Saskia said…
dear ladies: am up, out & about and feeling a lot better, thank you all very much for your concern; the ladies have made a grand entrance and were admired by All!



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