how our eyes might deceive us

what has caught his eye?

slightly off-focus

 a small cloth I've been playing with since weaving class with Jude the main piece of fabric was dyed with a flour resist in a black-bean-dye I seem to recall; after having made the cut-out star/circle I've been adding bits of fabric 'on the back' that are just lying around, biding their time until my eye happens upon them and I am enticed to use them; the only guideline here was the cross shape made by the two oblong strips covering the hole and I wanted the whole to be two-layered, not quite there yet. I just love how when the light shines through, both sides integrate and you
can hardly tell one from the other.....

this is what it might look like, the christmas table for the beings

thought I spotted someone sitting on the OldBirdKing's throne, must be a trick of the light


Liz A said…
OldBirgKing's throne is a wonder ... perfectly proportioned with the laden board.

As for the cloth, I'd be hard-pressed to name the two sides "front" and "back" if they were presented to me without said labels. I hope it ends up a two-sided piece so all the work is equally accessible. Wish I could touch them through the ether ...
Saskia said…
hi Liz, I too love both sides, this started a while back (two years ago at least) liking both equally I mean; I love the challenge of making both sides interesting and worth seeing, so much so that I often prefer the so-called back, because it was un-planned by me to start with, although of course once I'm into the piece I do keep turning from one side to the other, checking out what's happening all over.
throne and table and the rest of x-mas decor are coming together nicely.
jude said…
illusion is really amazing. the cloth is magic!
Saskia said…
the cloth is magic*, thanks for that Jude, I guess I have a name for it now:
*the Magic Cloth;-)
Dana said…
How amazing your table looks Saskia! Did you have those little dishes already? And the candelabra? I just love the layered tablecloth. The Bird King must be pleased.
Saskia said…
well Dana, you're the expert when it comes to laying tables, so thank you! thanks to your blog I have come to reassess the daily celebration of sharing a meal, simple, exquisite and everything in between...sitting with my men (husband and two sons) together at the table eating dinner and exchanging the day's events is something I took for granted and now view with the proper regard and love it deserves.

Almost everything on the OldBirdKing's table comes from friend J. who volunteers at the Geefwinkel (= Give-away-shop, it's a bit like a charity shop where all is donated, the difference being that everything in the store is given for free to anyone who comes 'to shop', no money changes hands)
each time i've come to look, i feel
the cloth to be More...I can imagine
what the feel of it might be. The
quality of "there" and no, "there!" is
very wonder full. It's softness but
substance. It's a very Beauty Full

and am anticipating the long table
event, but
daring to sit in Bird King's Throne???
Might this be a problem?????
Do They know him? or know even of
his presence?
Saskia said…
none of the inhabitants have a clue, I have a vague memory....he's from my past, well delve into that, later.....



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