another heart-to-heart

After last week’s rant I am delighted to announce, I have overcome my dread of the Christmas season and am now able to look at December in a whole new light; I would like to thank those who have taken the time to comment and whose commiserations and words of wisdom from those-in-the-know changed my preconceptions……I am not being ironic, different perspectives have helped me reconsider mine: my attitude has radically changed! It's one thing knowing I don't really need anyone's permission to not embrace Christmas and all that it entails, but it certainly helps realising others before me have loosened up on festive obligations and that it works. That in itself is already a Christmas spirited gift from you to me.

I find myself actually looking forward to doing certain Christmas stuff, I’ll pick and choose the things I enjoy and leave the things I don’t like to others or conveniently forget about them.

Things I most certainly do enjoy:
- making decorations, many most all are Danish*, weaving paper hearts for hanging in a proper real Christmas tree and cutting tin foil snow flakes for the windows; and, this I’m longing to do, weave really tiny hearts for the Project, how small will I be able to make them?
- Making the house and studio feel cosy, Christmassy, jolly, full of fairy lights, candles, rugs, wood stacked beside wood burner, bake cookies for the boys with my German friend where they have this great tradition for baking the most scrumptious Christmas biscuits
 - I‘ll be making presents as per usual, so the gifts will at least be ‘unique’
- Finish the Project Christmas table cloth and make a long table for everyone to sit at plus a throne for the BirdKing
- Not make a to-do list, I believe I’ve kind of failed here
- Not worry about food, what I wear, shopping (‘cos I won’t be)anything else I’ve forgotten to fret about

the woven heart is actually a basket for sweets, so you end up with a Christmas tree full of treats

(*I mention yet again my mother’s Danish and Christmas is a big deal over there and so it was/is in our house)

it's darn cold over here, Winter is almost upon us although today without the icy cold winds doesn't feel as cold as it did yesterday; Django doesn't seem to mind at all and he'll jump into the water as if it were a warm bath 'throw the stick just one more time please, would you' and when I've decided enough's enough, off he trots ahead of me, running back and forth, back and forth 'come on you, keep up!'


Anonymous said…
hey saskia , ik ben zojuist terug van een .... oooo yes change .... i'm just back from a good walk in the cold air , the cold grey sky , i just put on the woodstove and will work on a carpet of old t-shirt
next week i will decorate with extra light for winter cosy sphere.i like the smell of cinnamon and cookies
it is a good thing to support each other in go on and let go
Dana said…
Your post has helped my attitude about Christmas; it sounds like you have struck just the right note to bring back the true joys of the season. Thank you.
Mo Crow said…
I love the Silly Season!
Liz A said…
Cookies! There must be cookies!
But all the rest? I will do on my schedule what I hope to ... and if some things don't get done by the 25th, well that's why there are 12 days of Christmas, right?
Peace and joy to all ... the light will come again
Debbie said…
Ooh you like all the fun stuff, I love making the house Christmasy and smelling of cinnamon but making all my christmas decorations and presents, would love to but don't have enough time.
Anonymous said…
Oooooo the pics came later
( probely they had wind in the front to comme over here )
i see now the decoration the
hart basket , don't know how to make that ..... lovely with somme cookies in it ... hmmmmm
Liz A said…
Glad I read your comment and looked back ... the newer pix are great!
love you in your hat..actually kind of
looks like one of your woven baskets
with you in it...
and AHHH....Bird King, checking the
long table. Yes. I look most forward
to how you are able to work through
the table setting issues and the difficult special needs menu challenges.
But you will and that is what i will look forward to for Christmas...
For me i will continue to go deeper into Solstice and be glad i am at a
time in my life when i can.

Ms. said…
Eudora Welty famously said "the excursion is the same when you go looking for your sorrows as when you go looking for your joy." So, doing only what brings you joy is surely the end of holiday sorrow. you have found the key again :-)
Dana said…
I love the table cloth on the king's table.
Saskia said…
a big HUG for all of you, 'tis indeed a silly season as Mo states, silly perhaps but one I take quite seriously albeit on a very small scale! the Beings deserve a lovely Christmas and so does my family, so I'll do what I can and want to.....



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