moving in

this was Wednesday morning on our walk, the light was just spectacular

meanwhile our guests have been settling in; the ducks and geese love water and decided the bathroom was their favourite place to be, okay then that's them taken care of.....
some of the food has found a spot in the kitchen, I'm thinking of adding a larder!

detergents et cetera in the cellar ( had to clear that out, we have so much junk)

ah, poor angry goose all by himself, serves him right for making such a fuss about everything...he's even mad at the trees.....

cow and horse conversing with the finger out on the balcony

pardon Pigeon's bum, he's rehearsing with the choir for Christmas eve

made a tree-thingy for the chickens and pelicans, they seem to like perching on a branch; notice Sally and Kitty are back for the holidays! mingling with the newcomers straight away; not only am I refurbishing the studio for all the critters, I am also moving stuff about the house, garden and veranda, we* are clearing out my mother-in-law's house as it has been sold and the new owners will want to move in soon
we as in: me and the husband, mostly him in fact)

the turkeys are very happy watching the dinner table from a safe distance, no way are they gonna end up ON the table, ha.

somehow the calf managed to get up here, probably with a little mischievous 'help' from our prankster BirdBoy


Nancy said…
I'm in love with your wee world! Every time I see it more friends clammer in my mind...wanting to jump in the unmailed box!
Liz A said…
A most marvelous tree-thingy!
Patty said…
Oh, I need a branch house for my
wee ones. Open with many levels.
Wish I could peek into your creative mental process...xo
Ms. said…
Wheeee....I'm so enjoying this visit and all the delicious pairings and place findings of your guests...I laughed out loud at the turkeys!
yvette said…
I'm jealous of your imagination...
lovelovelove it
annie paradys said…
Love the new comers!!
Julie S said…
I think that somewhere on the transatlantic journey, the crowd picked up some freeloaders. There were no pelicans (storks?)when I sealed the package but I understand there is a big underground railway for runaway fowl....

PS I am totally in love with how you have given them a new home. Currently am packing up all my boxes, put house on the market, and will be arriving shortly.
Saskia said…
okidoki Julie, will you too require a tree-thingy or are you more comfortable in a regular bed? what about himself and Clutch?!
(please thank Himself for I am inspired by his makings as well)

they're not pelicans?? I was sure they were....they are either too polite to correct me or we're mixing languages here and we don't understand what human/bird is saying......

welcome Annie, I don't recall having seen you here before, hope to hear more from you in the future;-)

I am flattered Yvette (although it is completely undeserved, as I am not the one making things up: they keep on telling me what to do and they're not at all stingy on instructions, believe you me)

quite Michelle, I suspect they are the most grateful to have crossed the Atlantic Alive&Well, especially as they aren't used to long-distance travel

Patty: first you need wee ones, which you have established that it is so, second: listen carefully to their suggestions, gather the right materials and then some; start hammering and drilling, soon they will be mightily impressed; ask the critters if they think it'll work for them....if you're very lucky they will say 'Yes' if not, you'll just have to keep on sawing etc until it's just right ..... then walk away most determinedly and mention 'that is was a job well done' and 'I am completely satisfied with the result' and leave them to it.

Liz: I am inspired by Don's creations, so would you please pass on my Thank You Don.

well Nancy: all I can say is: we are waiting patiently;-)

how everything is so perfectly falling
into place. will they need special
holiday Outfits? i wonder? Hope there's
no last minute requests, fitting might be tricky, certainly no one size fits all
they ARE pelicans..and was



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