such a simple and excellent Sunday

 had minor problems at capturing two moving black dogs Django and Felix in one image; I'm amazed at how well adapted they are to the cold, compared to what I have to put on to stay warm!

 I endeth today's post with a selfie smiling at a Sunday well spent: got up late, i.e. 9 o'clock and enjoyed a relaxed breakfast reading news papers, other blogs, the comments on the last post over here, followed by a great walk-in-the-woods with friend D. and her dog Felix; cleaned out several gutters: leaves were frozen into place after last night's frost; went into town in the afternoon where I watched a short play in favourite book shop de Mandarijn with friends M. and S., the play was fun and I felt cultural and part of society once more; afterwards we went for a cup of tea and chocolate at N. and J's house.....

I only just noticed many bottles* behind me in the first pic, which could imply that is the reason I'm smiling, however I am sticking to my favourite beverage: tea, as evidenced by last two pics of the day

* I have dubbed it 'the vitamin-cupboard' with all the upheaval of moving furniture in/out/about our tiny house, this cupboard now contains shelves for fruit and veggies, books on gardening, cook books and several small volumes of poetry and our supply of bottles containing alcohol 


Mo Crow said…
gosh your morning walk looks cold but the light is so beautiful!
Nancy said…
Brrr...that first picture is amazing! Glad you've had such a lovely Sunday. Mine so far has been nice too. Finished one of three projects, watching a Tiny House program!
Dana said…
A quiet, frosty tea-drinking Sunday in December...thank you for sharing!
Marti said…
Saskia, you had the best kind of Sunday, quiet, peaceful, frosty walks and doing what you want.. I woke up to my husband telling me that it had snowed for 2 hrs last night, most of it had melted when I drew back the curtains but the Sandia Mountains that can be seen from my home were covered in snow and looked magical.
Anonymous said…
Sundays can be the best! I'm impressed with your selfies. I always manage to look like a bullfrog!



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