the project

 another dyeing attempt with the tulips, first time round I wasn't satisfied with the results, at all
bundle into walnut dye

 a new endeavour: building a home for all of the studio's more or less permanent occupants, they're spread all over the place and would like to try communal living; you see here the chaos during the build, the having to move everyone and everything about, sourcing building materials from my wood stash, plus other bits and bobs; the photo's aren't deliberately soft-focus, I discovered my lens was greasy, ah well makes the mess more bearable, no, yes.

Malle and Haasje waiting amidst kitchen clutter

BirdBoy waiting impatiently

as a child I loved making doll's houses, in cupboards, on bookshelves, designing interiors, mixing odd bits of miniature furniture with cut-uts from magazines for the wall-papering and kitchen-tile floors, making tables from cardboard, sewing clothes for the dolls and barbies; at a certain age I stopped; I still love all things small

now the time has come to start again with this doll house making thing, in many parts thanks to this inspiring book by Dutch artist Karina Schaapman, her book has been translated into many languages; if you are interested in her book click here

storage boxes and miscellaneous objects

mess on desk, I imagined weaving tiny baskets from the grasses I collected on my walk this afternoon, however I cannot seem to find the notes I made during weaving class two years ago and I do realise that the least of their worries is a hand woven basket: they need a house and beds to sleep on!................


at least the natural history section is coming along nicely
of course it's Frog lying in the OldKing's bed! honestly you would hope he'ld be more considerate

Otter wrapped up in an old paint rag, he'll sleep anywhere any time of the day or night, in what will be the kitchen 

BirdBoy in charge of paints

several of the gang huddled together, keeping each other company for the stormy night ahead; date filled with walnut for dinner
overall view (kind of, the natural history section is to the right)


this is very exciting.....
i love longer have
the Stuff myself, so i will love
watching you.

long ago, i used to get the urge
and change everything in the house.
downstairs would go UP, upstairs
would come down. even once i took everything away. put it in boxes in the basement and had NOTHING
ANYWHERE for months. NOTHING. then brought it all back, one thing at a time.
Saskia said…
i used to get the urge in our house lots, have calmed down now, must be hormones......
anyway, as you can now see, things in the studio have happened for the gang, but still A Lot to do; ah well, tomorrow's another day to get that fixed ; i am off to grab a bite to eat with the men-folk
Julie S said…
Bird Boy is sure getting bossy.

I knew we had a connection, I too have an attraction to smalls, I never could figure out why but I was immediately drawn to miniature anythings in the flea market tables.

Your natural history section is magnificent...did you build those display cases????
Mo Crow said…
ha! that frog in the Old King's bed!
Nancy said…
OoooH this is SO exciting!! I too am a sucker for anything miniature. I love the display boxes and...well, I love it all. I notice an empty space near two paintings on the shelf...I haven't forgotten that two new friends are waiting her to start their journey. They are looking forward to meeting everyone :)
jan said…
This is so cute saskia! And funny too. I love the way you're so serious in your fairy-tale-telling. It brings the characters to life. Look forward to seeing the housebuilded!
Saskia said…
good afternoon ladies on this gloriously sunny day!
you have no idea, or maybe you do, how unmeasurably Happy this whole Project is making me feel; the love of tiny things is something we seem to have in common.....I won't analyze to why, it just IS

there is still lots to do and I have a feeling it will never be truly 'finished'
(like as a child a large part of the playing was the making, rather than the actual make-believe play with the dolls and other participants)
Saskia said…
some proper answers to your lovely comments:
yes Julie a tiny = huge connection! the boxes are from Ikea;

Mo, despite the fact that he can be incredibly annoying, I do confess to having a soft spot for him too, but let's keep that to ourselves.....

Nancy.....we are waiting patiently and as I mentioned in a later post: more rooms can be added!!

haha Jan, well said, 'serious in the fairy-tale-telling' 'tis the truth

....isn't he just Grace



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