i adore this old fashioned looking sticker, i believe it hasn't changed at all since my childhood, maybe that is why i enjoy it so much; if only life were this simple: press button to cross the street, from red=stop to green=go

permission to fail, to experiment and not end up at a dead-end; my head is spinning with ideas, the printing on paper and cloth, weaving with scraps.....the re-working of some of the unsold pieces, the pull between story-telling and techniques directing the way of the cloth, a friend mentioning how great it would be to have illustrated novels for adults; how the reading, the walking and the learning result in many attempts at translating all this through the hands and eyes into new work; how i always love the 'backs' of pieces and how they have therefore become just as important to me (and how come when i intentionally try making a back, it doesn't work out that way?)

transcript from notes as seen above: 
everything i've made up till now are steps - each meaningful/less on it's own and part of the whole; for me letting go the idea of having to make stuff which can been viewed as a collective, unmistakably 'mine', was intensely liberating - i am many, for want of a better word, entities and so what i do and create are manifold (or otherwise stated: a reflection or manifestation of who i am at different times) 
the concept of 'self' is helpful to maintain a semblance of whole-ness and a way of managing to function in everyday life; i have a sense of self=ego(?) and at the same time an awareness of difusion without feeling lost or anything like that, hence different expressions of self: from abstract to figurative, from narrative to technique-based, leaning at times more to one or the other end of the ever-expanding scale.

all are part of the exploration, the search, discovery of the nature of matter (the materials i work with, f.e. cloth, plant-dyes, my fingers tracing a piece of bark, the scent of woodsmoke) and perhaps even the spiritual aspects of where i might be, although i find it hard to acknowledge the last as it is so very fleeting and maybe a figment of my imagination

details on the back from 'a year has gone by, a lot has happened......'
i'm really looking forward to continue working on this one, so much has been left untold

i have no intention of changing these three (from front to back: 'light moon' looking out' and 'black flower') i just like the way they're hanging; work still for sale is on view on the exhibition page above.

i have opened a new page dedicated to the books i am currently reading, simply because i love books;
the information i gather from these books influences my mind, reflecting on what they mean to me is insightful 

i would like to direct readers who weren't here yesterday to yesterday's 'give-away' post if you would like to join in the lottery to win one of my pieces;-)


Nancy said…
Your sign picture is that of a very serious pedestrian! Lots of focus to get the eye-hand connection to that button!! lol

I too am a 'backs' person too. They tell such a mappy story. I want to touch all of those stitches of yours.



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