new arrivals!

Woody and Buzz have arrived, they hitched a ride out of Gorinchem with friend J. and her dog Porter, Tungsten's old mate; whilst we three went for a walk they were welcomed by the Twins and made to feel at home straight away......

Buzz even has his own pink sleeping bag, handknitted by friend J.
Woody can't carry one, so he hasn't got one, but as he is such a slim character we imagine he'll be able to slip into bed with anyone he chooses without anybody noticing.......or if they do, without them being bothered by his presence......
You see them here looking for a place to kip ; they claim the travels have worn them out and they want to be fit to party later on, expecting a festive dinner from all the other gang members to celebrate their arrival, we'll just have to wait and see


Nancy said… buddies! Love it :)

Just you wait...



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