scraps of self

i have waited a long time for you to find me and now that you have i find i do not want to let you go

                                       (my intention was to take a pic of BoyBird and accidentally took one of me)
                     a rusty toy push chair
                             small winter painting
                                         my friend
                              cut away, a bit i liked but did not like the whole,                    so cut away
             printed torn dyed 
i wander about in my own studio and see stuff i had forgotten about; i remember the winter when it was snowing and the air was soft, sounds were muffled and our little house atop it's own mound of earth in the midst of all this immaculate whiteness to me a beacon of the intimacy i share with my tiny family; a quote from Jude
a daisy chain made years ago a blue heart blackandwhite i breathe maybe this life is  real  and  a dream
does it matter that it doesn't 


Nancy said…
Thank you for allowing me to wander your studio with you. Such treasures and time-stopped in so many ways. You've captured your beloved Tungsten perfectly. He is with you still. I love seeing you and BirdBoy together :)
And the top image...I see a cat-like creature!
i come here for comfort
Julie S said…
I love this post, what a fun exercise. I think I will borrow it!
Saskia said…
hi Nancy, where is this cat?

well i am very happy you do Grace, 'cos I find comfort in your world too

Julie, be my guest;-) i look forward to seeing what you come up with
Anonymous said…
love the Tungsten stitch sketch! it captures him so!



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