re-cycling, up-grading, re-thinking

birdies huddled together on the studio floor; i had some old water-colours, pretty boring although very colourful, and i thought 'what if i cut the sheets of paper into card-size squares and print the bird plus signature stamp on them?' 
this is the result! twelve cheerful birdies beckoning Spring

more recycling: this is one of a pair of earrings, the other was lost and i'd stopped wearing just the one, what a shame, so here it is as a pendant for a necklace, i am very happy

 tulip leaves on a home-dyed cloth, cannot remember what the dye was, bundled up below and dropped into the walnut-pot, which looks very oily, i wonder what the result will be

....and then this forgotten pot, pomegranate moldy remnants with a coin-clamped bit of cloth in it, the result is now in the washing-machine, so patience.....will dry and iron as i get back - am off into town for the monthly culturele route, hopefully inspiration will come forth, if not at least i'll be seeing my friend M which is always good fun

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results: a dark brown in large patches and none of the pomegranate yellow, all that is cream again; i think the dark brown is thanks to both the aluminium pan and the clamped coins


Marti said…
Ah, the colorful birds..what a jolt of joy because we have had a few days of snow and ice, not huge but enough to be cold and icicles form on the roof lines...thankfully, yesterday and today it is warming up. Besides the birds and your "new" necklace, what I also love are the moldy pomegranate bits of cloth; it's all a cycle of using and doing.
Saskia said…
hello Marti, you know we haven't really had winter here, very strange this soft weather, lots of rain though!
the pomegranate/forgotten cloth reminds me of a black&white one of yours that went to Grace's;
btw a while back you mentioned how you used to eat a spicy rabbit dish, I found this very interesting as luck would have it, a few weeks later we received a pair of rabbits and I decided I'ld cook them my version Spanish style, lots of garlic paprika's olive oil onions chili and paprika powder, other herbs and chicken stock....left to simmer for a couple of hours, added potatoes and mmmmmm delicious best rabbit dish we had, ever, so thank you Marti
Marti said…
If I close my eyes, I can see and smell your rabbit dish and even taste it because your description of how you cooked it is so richly worded. One thing my mother also added to her rabbit stew was red wine along with the stock, one cup for the rabbit stew, one glass for herself and she would taste it along the way. She always seemed very happy when she served it to us...!
Nancy said…
Love the birds! What if? indeed! Loved the repurposed from your ear to your's beautiful. And the first cloth pic looks like a giant fly!
Anonymous said…
your birds are so cheering ... and the assembly of them looks like patchwork!
the two a trance



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