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before building started I went for a stroll in the woods, the weather was just so inviting, my heart almost burst with joy 

 there is still so much to do, like sorting out wall-papers, deciding which one goes where? fortunately I have help in the shape of our friend Little Bear; I realise some of the studio inhabitants haven't been introduced yet, I will get to that after the Build, more stories I promise....
BirdBoy's interested in many things and he's trying to figure out what these bottles are for

mantle piece in what will become the library, got to have books

underneath the library the Tree area shows promise

to the left the kitchen too is taking shape

cut an old painting on wood into a square shape and framed it in a box frame with glass, adds to the mystery I think, it's difficult to see with all the reflections etc, but in the middle there's an embryo, on the right a blue flower and on the left a primitive kind of fertility symbol; I painted this one whilst pregnant with our second son back in 1998; for now it will be somewhere upper left, where I envision some sort of meditation centre

Otter keeping of the OldBirdKing warm (Frog has taken his bed again!!!!!)

hare and a tiny green dinosaur(?)* peeping through the window of the top bed bunk; yes there is now a bedroom with three beds: two singles and a double

no mattresses, duvets, sheets, pillows or even a ladder, but definitely beds; they'll have to improvise another night (or couple of nights more likely, as I'll be in the office the next two days, but they can hardly complain, which they don't, well at least most of them do not......and if I'm perfectly blunt about it, they could chip in and do some of the work themselves, right)

this is what it looks like so far, the lay-out is out of the ordinary as one of the bedrooms is downstairs (note to self: start thinking about how to construct stairs) as will be the bathroom, situated underneath the Tree area; I do wonder what they need hygiene-wise as they are animals (apart from BirdBoy who wants to be a bird)  would they enjoy a shower of prefer a bath? Suggestions anyone? 

* more and more creatures are appearing, where do they come from, how do they know to come here? will we have enough room??


Nancy said…
This is super amazing!!! I love their home :)
Debbie said…
I just love what you are doing here, I used to be very into dolls houses and still have a small milliner's shop and a family house but I just love your little rooms. Where do you get the box frames from, Ikea used to do them but seem to have stopped. And I really like the natural history corner. I have loads of stuff like that but they are all hidden away in drawers.
Saskia said…
thanks Nancy, as you see, rooms can be added if needs be.....

Debbie, thanks to you too; the white box frame comes from a mainstreet Dutch department store HEMA; the box frames in the natural history dept are from Ikea



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