after several comments I just had to look at what it is that we love about small things and dolls' houses and what I choose as a decorative theme within such a house; I believe it has in part to do with our past, childhood memories that accompany us throughout our adult lives; for me a hollow tree in the orchard in the huge garden that came with our house in Brigg U.K. has for many reasons stayed imprinted in my mind's eye; it was a magical tree for me, I would spend hours outdoors mixing water and 'herbs' in pots and pans, concoctions not dissimilar to the dyeing vats I experiment with nowadays; this hollow-tree-memory allows me to notice them everywhere I go and I looked back at a trip I made with then-boyfriend-now-husband D in Nepal (and India) because of the memory of such a tree and also their buildings: the stones piled one upon the other, an organically growing assembly of buildings; a pic of me standing next to an elephant, I like this photo because I'm laughing and look really happy (I was to be sure, very much in luv')

shrines like this one within the trees with roots above earth were a common sight, the young man is D of course, also looking very happy


Julie S said…
I would like to live there. It reminds me of the book Heidi, where she got to sleep in a loft with a window view of the Alps around here.
Saskia said…
well Julie, I would like to live there too......
yes Grace an attic (come to think of it there is a huge attic in our family house in Maastricht where my parents still live and as we no longer had a large garden in this townhouse, we played in this attic Lots)
Susan: thank you;-)
Marti said…
Something so very heart grabbing to see our younger self and the person we loved and to know that it continued and continues...
Nancy said…
Such beautiful memories (and photos). I think we all have our own childhood memories of those places and activities that spoke to our hearts. I made "mush" in a red oval tin dish and played stranded on an island on the front porches. Bookshelves turned into Barbie houses and the hollow tree in a special movie, "My Side of the Mountain"...gates that could swing open, creating a closed off nook in the bushes...and tiny treasure that inspired dreams to fly! You help keep so much of this alive for me.
Thanks :)
Saskia said…
heart grabbing Marti, yes there are times I can hardly bear to look at pics of younger self, or the boys, the Innocence of it all....or maybe the-not-knowing-what-will-become (is that the same thing??)
.....anyway will be posting more I guess, 'cos of this Project - it brings back many memories untouched, half-forgotten
thanks Nancy for sharing your memories as well....the past is a strange place....the orchard I mention no longer exists in the 'real world' I know this for we revisited the village a few years ago and ventured into the garden, what a change, but in my mind it is all as it was when we lived there



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