mini quilt no.2

mini quilt no. 2
I love making these small quilts; I'm learning a lot about the different ways of bringing fabrics together; as I have no patchwork/sewing background I sometimes feel like I'm learning backwards, making these small quilts is a really good way to doing just that

details: the quilt measures 16,5x17cm; it consists of three layers, a thin patterned cotton woven together with a square of pomegranate dyed cotton (with a green ink lino print and blace ink lace flower print, same as middle square from no.1) kantha-stitched together with the blue silk backing using single strands of embroidery thread

here's the beginning of no.3, again a patchwork, handstitched with the seams hand-pressed and basted flat; I intend to leave the edges 'open' in contrast to the 'neat' look of the patchwork.....

sooooo, after having been cooped up indoors these past couple of days due to the Bug, I let myself out: first an afternoon in the office, yep back to work!
but afterwards OUT into the woods, the days are lengthening once more and the lure of the outdoors could no longer be ignored....the lightness of the light the BARE trees the bird SONG the promise of SPRING and longer days spent out HERE


Unknown said…
Your header still says "walking with the dog"...
Debbie said…
Loving these little quilts.
Heather said…
Doesn't the texture just make those little quilts! Very sweet.
Anonymous said…
I miss the dog in your outdoor pictures! the little quilts grab my eye and hold it. I see why you want to make them and then make some more! Glad you are feeling better.
Nancy said…
Being under the weather was quite productive for you!!
I very much like the newest one with the squares and rectangle look.
I love seeing your land. We had a similar sky today. Poured all last night and is supposed to rain again tonight/tomorrow. This is a huge big deal here! Lots of very busy newscasters on "Storm Watch"!!! haha
And I agree with Dee...miss seeing your pooch in the pics...on your land. I absolutely adore how you stitch him. Of course he remains on your he does in your heart.
Glad your feeling well enough to go to work.



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