patchwork (mini)quilt

first finished small quilt for the Project; I do believe this is the first ever quilt I have actually managed to finish
reference details: measurements 14,5x15,5cm, the middle square is pomegranate-dyed with a green ink lino-print and a black ink lace-flower-print; the 4 pale yellow linen squares are comfrey dyed; the 2 mauves come from the acorn-plus-iron-tin-can vat; the stripes are a Kaffe Fasset from Julie; the 4 outer squares plain cotton with beige-ink-lino-print; the backing and filler are two squares of very thin blue silk, both came in a bag of fabric-goodies from Jet

looks who back!!

how one of the tiny creatures might view the quilt

I have been and still am at home felled by a stomache-bug, so after the horrible first day&night of just sleeping and loo-visits.....I now have more time to sit and sew, together with our eldest who has also been infected by same bug!


Nancy said…
Hopefully this finds you both feeling much, much better. Did anyone else notice how your center square looks like the bird/tree photo?!!
I've decided today that coming here feels like coming home. This is a special resting reaffirming place for my soul. Thank you for being you.
Saskia said…
oh Nancy, thank you so much for your heartfelt comment! I feel a lot better;-) and I am so glad it does feel like home for you, sharing is a lot nicer than going it alone;
I checked on last year's post on the woodpecker, he started coming in April! this winter has been so warm the birds don't know what's hit them; they're singing mating songs and chasing each other, let's hope the weather stays warm - good for them and us!!



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