first finished pieces in 2014!

went for a very windy walk this morning with M. we were almost blown off the dike!

 moon leaping hares  17x56 

a beginning  36x43 cm

illegible hidden scribblings

hardly there at all  16x50cm

hare's slightly longer tale, 16x38cm


Julie S said…
And it is only the second week in January!!!!

All of these pieces, they are so you, the you I know from the blogosphere, anyway.
Debbie said…
Lovely work, I just love the subtle colours and stitching.
jan said…
Just so lovely Saskia; and I especially love the moon leaping hares! X
Saskia said…
thank you Julie, Debbie and Jan, I have been hanging all the pieces in the gallery for the opening tomorrow, whew, I spent 6 solid hours there....moving back and forth.....hope it'll all be worth it, just have to wait and see



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