mixed bag

drove to Amsterdam today with our youngest, an orientation into his possible future no less; we went to two presentations at the Hogeschool Amsterdam, one on commercial economics, the other of communication and multi media design; well I for one came away full of enthusiasm and a tad thirsty, my son was thirsty, hungry and a mind filled with a slightly clearer image of a life-after-school....he still has (at least) one and a half year to go, so I know we don't have to make any important decisions right away, but kind of knowing where the boys might be heading is rather reassuring for a mum; we wandered back to the car park and stumbled upon the once infamous Waterloo-plein market selling all the usual trinkets and junk found world wide these days, in short nothing to tempt us in parting with our cash, instead we opted for food and drinks in the CoffeeCompany and sat behind bars, as seen above (actually it's a railing along the upper balcony where we were seated) enjoying the hustle and bustle of city life

once back home, still in daylight I went for a stomp in the muddy woods

...and caught the tree unawares upside down; the water by the way is reddish brown because of the iron rich clay,

later on in the studio: first new piece after the opening started thursday, it's a long strip with peony leaf-dye prints on the back and strips of dyed/printed cloth on the 'front' 
I have found several older pieces, hiding here and there, but they will have to wait till I can be bothered to rekindling those particular fires; some have even been ripped out of context and are awaiting a new life

a very sexy, silky? floral fabric

wire coathanger restyled

how some old and new bits might be reconfigured


jude said…
i like the placement of the flower.
Nancy said…
Ahh...look at all of the bicycles in the city! My son went to college there, through SF State, for a year!
I love the light in your studio and the moving and playing with pieces of old (bottom pic).
Isn't the planning stage fun...in cloth or schooling?!!
Susan said…
Congrats on your show, saskia! and these new things are lovely. My favorite is the big long cloth and the way that starburst of dye echoes the large flower.
Saskia said…
the flower placement was just one of those things...... sorting through fabrics old and new and then holding them against each other...the long cloth was hanging with the basting more or less done and then I 'found' these bits of fabric a friend gave me the other day and I held it up with the longer cloth in the background and 'clang' in my head: they echo, match...these words are an attempt at describing how things roll along here in the studio;
how satisfying tidying up can be when these results ensue



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