yet more impressions

 the silence before the storm....three maidens in better light than yesterday
also better in daylight

ah yes, the red dots, you all know what this means: sold! 10 pieces sold today; it was a pretty wonderful day, the introduction of a new logo for the so-called culturele route Gorinchem of which debankvannoppes (where my work is on display) is one of the gallery spaces, the opening of the new cultural-route year with a new committee and the opening of my own little part in it all wrapped into 5 hours....many people visited, we talked and laughed and hugged and pondered the meaning of the work (ha) for a few hours life was very good to me.
I had meant to take pics of all the folk, but forgot as it was just too busy


Nancy said…
I am truly, truly happy for you Saskia.
i am like it is
Anonymous said…
Hi Saskia, so sorry we couldn't make it this weekend as we were moving (the house is still full of boxes). I'm glad to hear that you had a good opening and sold so many pieces already!

liefs, Anne & Leonard
Debbie said…
All those red dots you must be thrilled, so pleased for you.
Mo Crow said…
Hooray for those red dots!
Vivian Helena said…
I am new to your blog, and enjoy your creative fabric pieces. You said you sold, congratulations. How do you display your art, and how does the art appreciator hang them.. I see you have some on a hanger, but.
I am a fiber artist also, very different from yours and I love your luminosity with the transparent airy feel.
Saskia said…
Nancy: thank you, I know you are;-)

Grace: aha, we are connected!

hi Anne and Leonard: congratulations with the new house! well maybe I could come and help unpack some of those boxes, now that I have more time.....

Debbie: I am, after one and a half year's of working towards this exhibit, wow there are folks who want what I make, whew

Mo hurray indeed!

welcome Vivian Helena; always nice to see a new face; the hanger idea came like a lightning flash, I bought them the Friday before the opening.....I am now going to start collecting them for future use (as these will all go with the sold pieces) the buyers like them because it's a very easy way to hang them on the walls once they are in their homes; you could of course frame them, but that was too costly plus has the disadvantage of not being able to touch the pieces; so all in all I am very happy with this solution

Doris Perlhuhn said…
It is so beautiful, Saskia! Delicate and strong, impressing.
Heather said…
Congratulations! It must be very satisfying to know your work is recognised and valued by others.
Julie S said…
Of course they are sold. Of course!
Saskia said…
Doris: I love your combination of describing the work as 'delicate and strong' I had not looked at it as such
Heather: it IS!
Julie: you never know before, though;-)



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