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man at work; at my request he's cutting off the front wheel axle of an old bicycle, so I will have a my art school days I wrote a paper on Marcel Duchamp, the artist who came up with this idea of ready mades in art, I dedicate mine (I'll have pics once it's installed!) to him in honour of his free-thinking, fun spirit 

in a bag full of embroidery threads, a gift from friend J., I found these cards with holes and threads exactly as shown here; does anyone know what they are for?
in the light of the bicycle wheel they look like ready mades as well, ha


Nancy said…
I can't wait to see what you do with the wheel. I think I've got a couple of those around here :)

The cards, I assume, are a way to store threads by their color number.
Heather said…
The cards are a way to organize threads for a project, usually a kit. Sometimes they come this way in the kit, complete with fabric and the stitching pattern. I find lots of these at the thrift store - I figure someone has given up on their project and just dumped the whole shebang.
the ready made is a mystery to me
Vivian Helena said…
I agree with the others, usually someone uses that with needlepoint projects. If those are wool looking threads that might be it.
Saskia said…
oh okay so that's what they are for, makes sense as this friend's mother used to do embroidery; the ready mades abound out there, just gotta notice them



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