'I know what I'm doing' BirdBoy claims

whole again

wearing the feathered cape

he looks ready for take off

so he's up once more; he decided he was well enough to attempt another flight manoeuvre; thus it was we all sat watching - nervous and  a tad giggly - with BirdBoy running back and forth on the workbench and jumping up and down, getting the feel of lift off and finding the proper balance and what have you (I'm no expert on flight behaviour)....and then he announced he was in fact ready; we all became quiet and watched as he walked to the wall and ran to the edge of the work bench and just jumped........
                         ....and yes! there he was up in the air: flying, he flew a short distance and managed to land softly on his feet and we all clapped and shouted hurray and yahoo!! He was thrilled, excited as we all were, so okay now, he had really flown, it had worked, the feathered cape had definitely been a great help. He is now determined to practice every day until the weather's fine and we'll all go outdoors and he'll be able to start flying in the garden (and beyond he cries!) 
The OldBirdKing is Proud; he is so delighted with the newcomer he hardly lets him out of his sight and keeps on giving him flight-advice and how exactly to flap the feathers and hold one's breath and then release and on and on, it's all a bit bewildering to be quite honest.
Me, I am just relieved BirdBoy manages to stay in one piece, 'cos it's not just flying he enjoys, oh no he'll try Anything Risky; ha, he laughs at me: don't worry Saskia, I will be fine. Off he goes to jump off something high up or clamber down, it's best if I don't watch him all the time!


Julie S said…
What a guy!! I'm afraid what will happen with your boys watching his behavior so closely...
Nancy said…
Bravo for BirdBoy!!
This is a book if ever I've read one...photos and all!
Mo Crow said…
oh I am in love with Bird Boy, a fine heir for the Old Bird King! love these stories Saskia, you are a fine wordsmith!
Saskia said…
Julie: he is far braver, or perhaps less smart, nothing seems to bother him; the boys like hearing me telling about his (mis)adventures, nothing like a bit of 'schadenfreude' which btw is a talent most boys I know possess and which I have learned to appreciate surrounded by men&boys as I am here.
Nancy: a book, now that would be something......BirdBoy will have to stay here for a while and keep up his daredevil shenanigans
Mo: well, great praise coming from one who knows her way with words



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