meetings, greetings, a farewell and an accident

the Old Bird King was quite excited when he heard a young bird had entered the studio. In fact he was so eager to meet BirdBoy* he couldn't be bothered to get dressed properly and wrapped in his colourful blanket they had a brief chat in the morning during his coffee-break; later on he even invited him into his library (not many of us are invited there)

I have no idea what they talked about, but the Old Bird King was so impressed he caught up with me no sooner had BirdBoy wandered off on his explorations, and impressed upon me now was the time to use the feathers.....I must have looked dumbfounded for he started to explain: you know the bright blue ones I brought with me when I arrived here, the Special Feathers; oh, yes now I remembered, the bright blue ones and where were they? now that he wanted them?? I muttered something about having to finish a card for a colleague who's leaving us and we were supposed to be saying goodbye to this evening, which is where I'll be heading as soon as I've posted today's post:

......but I could not keep pretending I knew where they were, or maybe I did remember....after the opening two weeks ago I had started tidying things in the studio and found stuff and stored it in a much better place, yes no, yep wrapped up safely in a cotton kerchief...there they where was BirdBoy 'cos I needed his cape to sew the feathers on to......

oh my a horrible thud, followed by an 'I'm perfectly okay there is nothing to worry about I'll be fine in a minute'and then nothing as he passed out and I found him lying there on the studio floor: head cracked (but not too deep) and his beak damaged, glue and wire to the rescue!

 he's on the mend, the glue is drying and meanwhile he has to rest; he's facing the BlueFeather cape and I can hear him talking about all the flying they'll do together, honestly can you believe that; it'll be a couple of hours at least before he can attempt walking let alone try flying; but he is such an optimist and so wonderfully sure of himself without being boastful, it is contagious (I bet that is what the Old Bird King likes about him, reminds him of his younger days)
look at the world and go grab all you can manage and then some More!

* Nancy has yet again come up with an excellent name


Nancy said…
I absolutely adore your storytelling! So glad to hear BirdBoy is on the mend. :)
Nancy said…
PS I love how we both flipped his name in this post from BoyBird to BirdBoy!! Maybe his mood has changed, what with his injury and all! I bet he was wishing to Fly even more as he Fell! :(
Saskia said…
it's a lot of fun this storytelling business.....and we did switch his name...honestly I hadn't noticed until you mentioned it!
Nancy said…
I thought his name 'felt' different, so I had to go back and check! I just love that we both somehow did that. You are a most spectacular storyteller. His cape is wonderful :)



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