an ordinary day

 even though I'm not supposed to be experimenting with the dyes I am - despite the mild guilt I experience as I feel I have to use my hours wisely i.e. every artistic endeavour is meant to be invested in pieces for the exhibition; but because friend A. brought a fresh pomegranate back from Turkey especially for me and I have come to learn one can dye with these fruits, I felt I had a moral obligation to use it for dyeing, not just enjoy eating it! Anyway, that's my excuse; the resulting colour a yellow-of-various-shades has been saddened with vinegar+iron pad, scorched with bleach, washed with soap, ironed flat, printed upon with blacks blues greens white and pink

 I tell self that these new bits of fabric will inspire and they do and therefore more production will ensue

 last weeks 'sketch' coming along nicely, bright dots of colour on an otherwise pale ensemble; again front and back on view

'moon-whispering hare' in frightful lighting, short days means taking pics is a bit of a gamble

detail: Tungsten as a puppy, I don't know why he came out like this, started stitching from back left paw, no drawing just a feeling for the dog


jan said…
Nice to see Tungsten making an appearance Saskia. Is he in the house? Or the doghouse? Looks like he's wagging his tail. X
Debbie said…
You certainly inspire me I love the printing and the subtle colours. I am slowly collecting pomegranate skins, it will be interesting to see if I get a similar colour.
Saskia said…
hi Jan, most definitely in the house;-) he wagged his tail lots

Grace: of course they do

Debbie, thank you! I only had the one, so I too am interested to seeing your results, you know there are so many aspects to dyeing, my mind boggles.....will start on India's book in the new year for sure, now there's a resolution to look forward to!



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