have lost count....

'black flower' 21x28cm

'schijn bedriegt or sheer deception' 29x49cm


looking here...someday i can see
you doing an Installation with
these Cloths you are creating of both sides
like a labyrinth...a maze but
moving in the wind and translucent
Saskia said…
oh yes Grace, it already feels like an installation, I am looking forward to hanging them all together and walking in their midst
Nancy said…
I love Grace's idea of moving through them, among them. Your work is so YOU!! I love that :)
Debbie said…
I love this and double sided as well. Love the sheerness of the second piece and all the stitching.
Grace's idea of a labyrinth, of moving through, I can see that.
Debbie said…
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jan said…
Saskia, your work is flying along. How exciting to see your ongoing creativity. May 2014 bring you continuation, and consolidation. Love to you and yours, and a happy new year. X



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