I was rewarded on my walk this morning - having to force myself out there, as the weather seemed uninviting to begin with - on the footpath into the woods four roedeer hopped elegantly across it, one after the other within 10 metres from me! their white bums bouncing up and down and back into the bush. I was surprised and immediately felt upbeat about the rest of the day, the mist from then on only added to the magic of my surroundings, ah to be out there and breathe in the autumnal air, the bare tree branches black lace against the grey skies, coots run-flapping across the water, droplets dripping, the watery cold we experience so often in our damp lowlands, no sun, but still all was as it was and I was okay with that.  

later on a fresh haircut, silver gray on the sides....the shaggy vest is New too, bought only yesterday, I literally walked into it and said Yes, it's so sssssofffffffft; a friend suggested it might be compensation for the dog, hmmm possibly it is very stroke-able

these 4 were made tuesday evening in my first whittling class; the fellow on the right with the red cap and pipe has already found a new home: he now lives with N. a birthday present for his 70th!
the whittling itself is lots of fun, perhaps more will follow

six dots maketh a star

where it might land


Julie S said…
WHAT WHITTLING CLASS?!!! How fun and they are a very agreeable quartet. Maybe Tungsten picked out the vest for you...
Saskia said…
soon I hope Grace

Julie, well a friend of mine works for a local Nature Education Centre and she sent me an invite for the class last tuesday evening and even though I had said I wouldn't be learning even More New Stuff I couldn't resist....woof
Nancy said…
I can imagine it must be hard some days to push yourself out the door without your beloved pooch. The sweater is lovely...as is your star, but I already told you that! But...whittling...oh man, I've always wanted to do that. There is a class that runs near me, but I've not the time (right now).
what i mean is...sometimes you
are very soft. very.
sometimes you move like a cool
both are you, i realize, and i
learn that. i'd like to see
how these are the same. so, i
watch. your cloth will tell me.
Over time.
Saskia said…
ah Grace, funny I was thinking these same thoughts about self, how sometimes I am soft, i.e. sensitive/empathetic and other days ego-centered and untouchable (literally and emotionally)
I'm not sure I have an answer, or part of it is that I am human and follow my mood-swings and the Art leads me where it does and this is overly important in my life; I of course have to try and combine this with a familiy and as a mother and woman also aim to please; I have studied male artists and they seem not to care what others think of them personally, they remain focused on what they DO, rather than on how they come across, this is true of succesful men in general.
Still developing thoughts, plus Grace this medium of blog is limited.....

Hi Nancy, the whittling that I have now done for the one evening was fairly easy (she said cockily) in January there will be a second class in which we will (learn to) make a spoon!
jude said…
whittling brings back memories of my years as a girl scout.
Saskia said…
ah well Jude, you were allowed more than us! the pocket knives were for the boys, officially; eventually we would manage to get our hands on them (the knives, later on the boys...)



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