pins and needles

 several sketches, still in the pinning phase (note to self: buy new pins)the cotton strips have undergone several dyes and some of them have prints as well, I'm afraid I have lost track of what went into which dye pot; the latest dye was a pomegranate dye(with a Turkish pomegranate, a gift from a friend who's just been there, more on that in another post)
 Julie's delicious lace: stars in the sky, grid dots....endless variations; the hare has moved to the right as this is actually the 'back' of the printed fabric: the result came about as the fabric was still wet after having been washed after having been dyed, the ink was soaked up and the entire print was visible on the back as well; as I like this softer side so much I've decided to use it here and will use this technique again in the future.
To prove I'm not only into pale colours below 'moon whispering hare' I just love it when a title reveals itself straight away
stripey fabric comes from Julia as well (I believe it's a Kaffe Fasset!)

 more print/dye experiments 
 small strip with two particularly good moons, will probably become a bracelet
have not done a lot of sewing today as the husband and I were fixing stuff outdoors, it was a mild, sunny day; he cleaned out all the gutters and together we attached the remaining detachable sheets onto the verandah sides, meaning it's more or less weatherproof for Winter and we moved a fridge indoors, which was also cleaned very thoroughly by himself (I do believe he cleans better than I do when he does clean stuff I mean)
it was a really good day, I hope the evening will end with a bit of peaceful sewing and then off to bed early for office life in the morning 

drinking tea wearing reading glasses and taking picture of self


Cheers to the lifted cup. you
are just becoming Amazing to me...
all so YOU, yet all so singly
it's Own cloth...
Nancy said…
Funny what a difference the stripes make! Love the selfie (word of the year) pic!! So cute :)
Saskia said…
Grace, the 'work' has a mind of it's own, I just go along with the flow
and Nancy, you know the word 'selfie' made it into our language as well, as one of the most popular new words of the year



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