25, 26, 27

 yesterday morning, how the colours relate to the work, muddy toned down soft natural

27 pieces on a pile

25: there was a BIG MOON on my drive back home this evening, there's a moon here in this one and rainbow stars, soft kantha on a faded print; another two-sided piece, no title as yet

26: 'two sides of the same page'
there are faint lines, created by pulling horizontal threads, resembling lines on a piece of paper; I imagine writing on the cloth-page whilst looking through the net curtain out into the garden with the hare staring back at me, how a story could evolve in this cloth
the yellow is pomegranate dye, it matches Julie's curtain fabric perfectly; I cannot thank you enough for this cloth Julie, it is incredibly inspiring

27: 'how utterly absurd' 
how does a title happen: it came about as I was thinking what to do with the in-between space, between the top and bottom rows of running stitch? I pulled some threads to create a grid and once I had the grid I decided to stitch the dots on the meeting points as I have done before with the knots on the 'back' and as this was such a lot of work (really) and I kept stitching, knotting, cutting, looking at it, the thought of the absolute absurdity sprang to mind, hence the title. These are the first sewn words on a piece of mine, or at least I think they are

27 completed; my goal for the show was 30 pieces, I have faith I will manage


Debbie said…
Beautiful work, just love it, I am sure you will make 30
love watching this. i can't
imagine completing 30 ANYTHING!
Mo Crow said…
"how utterly absurd" is brilliant work Saskia, just the right amount of stitch leaving lots of space for the imagination to roam, good luck with your show and have a wonderful 2014!
Julie S said…
you sure done me proud.
jenclair said…
Love your work! Came from Artisun where you were the featured artist of the month.
Saskia said…
hi folks! thank you for your kind words, the shortest day is upon us as I reply and I look forward to the light that will slowly return;
Debbie: no 28 is done...
Grace: I am sure you Have
Mo: a wonderful 2014 to you too
Julie: thank goodness for that;-) welcome Jenclair, thank you for directing my attention to this particular Artisun post



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