the why the where the where fore the what if the joy the pain the suffering the beauty the sorrow the love the pain the sane the mad and crazy desires the who sees me now the who was I then who am I now what do I do

what do I do

why where to what purpose, the pain the joy the suffering the love the love the love of everything everyone is overwhelming

the flatlands the wetness the water the blue skies the vast expanse of

the waves the softness the tender touch the tough love the ongoingness of it all the neverending struggle and bursts of happiness the tears the pull the push and shove the love the love  love

24 pieces ready and waiting to be exposed, at least 10 more on the go, maybe these or new ones even will be done within these last weeks of the year, the dark days, all for the exhibit in the new year


Marti said…
Saskia, the CLOTHS, the work, the wonder, the textures, the colors, the ideas, the doing, the viewing, all simply amazing.
Nancy said…
The words the stitches the vision the evolving and the love so so much love
Boy would I love to see this sharing of your work!
Saskia said…
thank you Marti and Nancy, your words mean my intentions are understood; for that I am most grateful!
Julie S said…
Those inklings...Something so simple visually yet so full of passion and completeness. How does it make you feel inside to see it all on the outside?
Saskia said…
well Julie, it makes me feel connected.
that is the first word that popped up in my head whilst reading your question; basically that is what I am searching for: connections, me and you, me and others, me and the world, everything/-one connected, oh yeah

the connections with stitch
the layering
the connection of bones

the connection of self to place

the heart constantly kept open



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