looking in...and out

 the pomegranate dyed cotton from yesterday matches Julie's curtain-lace perfectly; as I type these words, I'm thinking: looking through the window onto the world outside, one could be looking through a net curtain, so this piece makes total sense....the title has presented itself 'looking out'/'op de uitkijk'
it still needs some work, the dots need connecting and the rough basting removed, maybe more strips of cloth added...we'll see
this is a note book I bought today for the bible-study group, my scattered notes needed a worthy receptacle, ha; as it has a fill-your-own-frame cover, I decided to make yet another print of the hare on a piece of the pomegranate dyed cotton, which was then laminated, cut to size and slid into place; I'm rather pleased with the result, the hare is looking out at us now, this particular hare sure does get around a lot!
here's a different critter in dire need of attention, he claims he's been very neglected -bless him- the one and only Ghost-bird; in fact the entire gang is still here and after Tungsten's death each and every member decided they would stay on for the Winter. I agree: why leave the comfort of the studio, a free meal, a warm bed and endless cups of tea for cold, grey days and long dark nights out and about....?? not to mention the fun and games they share amongst themselves and at times with me. The studio is the safe haven for us all now, with them here this dogless person is a far less lonely one

p.s. give-away over at India Flint's 'not all those who wander are lost' click here


Nancy said…
What a great idea for your journal :) This post reminds me with a sharp glare that I still have a friendly chap waiting to travel on to your place. Sorry for my slow ways, but he will arrive one day!
Saskia said…
aha Nancy, we were indeed wondering about your friend?! we await with bated breath....
i have missed him. and the
rest. the Fried that i was
going to send was resting in the
glove box of the truck and some
how his tail got knocked off...
maybe they won't mind?
maybe i could make him a
prosthesis? and send that way?
Saskia said…
hi Grace, well you know what they say: no-body's perfect



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