more birds on cloth and paper

christmas version of the Black Bird, in a limited edition of 15
christmas version of Red Bird, a unique print made especially for N&J, the Press donators; the arrival of this magnificent Press has inspired me enormously and spurred me on to discovering new techniques and ways of enhancing cloth and paper, adding yet another layer to the work

on this shortest day of the year, weatherwise a pretty horrible one, rain is streaming down as I type: an excellent excuse really for staying indoors and fiddling with the lino cutter, resulting in a surround for the birds, who knows what other animals may appear....
my dad bought these when we lived in the UK in the late sixties

detail: winter
two pieces in early stages of development with the new Birds, obviously

first trial prints on paper, how it might work in a frame; working in print-reverse is challenging: the tree cycle for example follows the seasons backwards....anti-clockwise I mean: in left print above winter is in the upper left-hand corner, spring lower left-hand corner, summer in the lower right-hand one, leaving autumn upper right-hand corner. Live and learn!


jan said…
These are fantastic Saskia! I just love your red bird in the circle of the tree! The printing press has set you free!
Nancy said…
Oh Saskia...your work is amazing! Love the circle tree so much..and those birds, ahhh...those birds.
BTW- Over here we are also N&J, jus' sayin'!!!
Marti said…
Saskia, I come here the day after Winter Solstice. I have looked at all of your work, amazing BUT the one that holds me the most, especially in light of the day you describe, is the 7th photo - the cloth on the right with the two black birds on the soft yellow background against the white and blues. At first glance, the birds look as if they are on an ice flow but then that warmth from the soft golden color, like light from the Solstice, says so much to me about the turning of the season, the movement toward spring coming and it simply takes away all of the gloom and cold. Beautiful feeling on looking at this cloth.
Saskia said…
hi Marti, Grace likes them as well; I love hearing your version of what they might be; the yellow is from one of my first ever cow parsley dyes! a great result I think, the bright colour has now lasted over a year and seeing it as Light after the Dark is a very welcome and cheerful thought!!
to Jan and Nancy: you two are just amazing in your constant support, you have no idea how that too keeps me going!!



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