several things at once

winter's a moveable feast, suddenly we have snow again......

and trees full of promise......

soft light and pale shades....

oh my, he looks thin; it seems animals and plants alike were fooled into thinking warmer weather was on it's way: I noticed lots of flies these past few days, buds in trees and shrubs, and here this skinny hedgehog, and then snow again....
it isn't cold out; just now there's a large woodpecker pecking at the peanuts, too quick for me to take a photograph

winter postcard, with a tree-of-life emerging; I'm in a bible study group and this tree features of course in Genesis, tree of good and evil, of knowledge and it appears in different guises in so many stories and myths, interesting tree I guess. I've used and still use trees as a symbol and hold-all for my thoughts, feelings, daily life occurences. In the group we've had heated discussions on whether we see god, or not; not strictly necessary when reading the bible, but I suppose we're all trying to define ourselves and clarify where we stand.

up close


we are all so multi faceted...
i would not have guessed a bible
study group. how amazing.
Saskia said…
hi Grace: well I've been meaning to read the bible for a long time now, ever since art college in fact; I did not have a religious upbringing but of course I do live in a christian, western culture. Many stories, traditions, images are at the same time just there (as in so much a part of daily life as to be invisible) and alien. It's a fascinating (collection of) book(s).
After we have read it, I also want to read the koran.
oh...this is reassuring. I WAS
brought up in a very uhhhh,
religious home. and learned at
the age of 7 that i was already
destined for hell. so you can see,
my surprise. but ok, good. now.
and Koran next. ok and yes.
Saskia said…
no need to worry, I'm not a believer, I don't see god; like you I'm a dharma bum
jan said…
saskia, I love your tree of life; it has the qualities of a 'cloud tree'. The branches holding little fluffy clouds.
William Blake famously saw angels in the trees on Pecham Rye. That always reminds me of Paul Simon's song Graceland. The line 'angels in the architecture....'
Saskia said…
hi Jan: one thing leads to another, and yet another and so on, I love how the mind jumps, crawls, gathers all sorts and then as an artist you can actually make visible for others (&oneself) what you've experienced without words: cloud tree sounds just about right



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