birds and dogs

looking up

looking up close

adding details to the borders on 'hazemannetje', adding interest to the frame.....

what iffing on how borders become part of the main image, how margins become just as important - perhaps more so - than the centrepiece; this reminded me of the illuminated margins in medieval books and that led me to look again into 'the Illuminated Page'by Janet Backhouse* and I thought to myself this is very useful in reading the bible, which I mentioned we were doing in a biblestudygroup in earlier post (not because I believe,  but really because I don't) And yet again, I find answers to unposed questions, ha.

and here, in what I've decided to call Winter Star-with 7 moons, I've added two birds, one to be seen immediately, I might add more colours to the inner bird; 

and a hidden bird, a real sweetie, more like a chick,

and in hazemannetje, a swan, that was already in the fabric, but I've accentuated it with dark red thread
Both dogs and birds feature in many of my pieces, I'm guessing they're also symbols for something in my subconscious, will do some more research and get back to you.

*University of Toronto Press, Toronto Buffalo, 1998


Mo Crow said…
Hi Saskia,
You live not far from one of the best collections of Medieval Manuscripts in the world at the National Library of the Netherlands
and have you read Rima Staines dissertation on Marginal Medieval Art -
wonderful stuff!
Anonymous said…
I love the picture where so many things intersect -- (including a tapestry fabric that covers my dining room chairs (the swan fabric))! Somehow things that 'shouldn't belong' are made kin by your placement.
Saskia said…
hi Mo, thanks for the links, to be honest I had no idea that the KB in the Hague has this collection; I've 'popped' by after your comment and seen one can virtually vist the exhibitions, now I'm interested to find out how I could see the books for real....
I'll certainly go and visit Rima Staines' blog as well, thanks again.
Saskia said…
hello Dee: yes I'm aware of my 'need' to make things work together that 'normally' don't...I think I try to do that in the rest of my life as well, nothing is a given
Heather said…
I think this piece is coming along wonderfully. The hidden chick is very appropriate for spring, and perhaps has more going on symbolically - something hidden within you that is waiting to be seen?
Saskia said…
Heather: chick announcing spring, now that is a cheerful thought; and something hidden within: I'ld like that very much



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