the sun came out today, it was almost like a weight being lifted , you could walk upright once more and breathe in the fresh  air, filling body and mind with a new energy; I've been walking, talking, cycling and then walking some more today; listening to the birds, watching them fly and swim and flutter about. Right now there's a great spotted woodpecker in the garden eating peanuts!
illustration by Peter Shepheard from 'WOODLAND BIRDS' no.74 The King Penguin Books

 'hazemannetje' has changed; I've cut out some of the bottom bits and removed lots of stitches in the top parts, trying to calm things down, I felt there was too much going on; having said that I am adding cross-stitches and starry ones in places, just as an experiment


Anonymous said…
I like the way the solid bands of tapestry (?) on sides and top spill out into the rough-cut linen... and then those 'X's' saying something on the side...
Saskia said…
it is a kind of tapestry, it's furniture upholstery-fabric, heavy but remarkably easy to sew through, one of the first things I learnt from Jude: be easy on your fingers and hands, choose your fabrics with care!
perhaps the x's are the next step in my stitches, I'm a newcomer to this sewing business and love the simple running stitch, but of course as one does, I am discovering new techniques all the time and slowly incorporating them into my work.



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