a question of light

 The same small light cloth top and bottom. I had a sudden urge to make something Light in winter's grey drab days. The sky today is like a grey blanket without the warmth. It's not even freezing, but it feels very cold, water-cold (waterkoud) we call it in Dutch, it chills you to your bones. 
I have discovered I very much like photographing the pieces in front of the window, so the light shines through, adding an extra dimension. What a difference the lighting brings though, above is with flash at the same time of day, appr.5 pm and underneath without. Above the actual colours are more accurate, but the bottom pic does better express the airy feel of the piece, as the fabrics are sheer and light, apart from the shiny bit which is solid like a mountain or it could be a dike, we have more of those here in Holland. I'm not sure where it's heading, as per usual.


Anonymous said…
It's interesting to compare the two differently lit pieces... also, I am noticing the way the horizon of the yard and the green band around the bottom half has some input.
Minka said…
The lighting effect is interesting! I guess it then becomes a "virtual" creation?
Saskia said…
hi Dee and Minka: lighting is another 'thing' when looking at a piece (or when looking at anything really)
Something I have come to notice during the photographing for this blog, is how much the light changes the mood and feel of an object. With the paintings it isn't quite as difficult, although getting the colours right can be, but with the textiles it's more complicated because the textures also play a major part in the whole piece and sometimes I like the shadows created and other times they bother me and so on...
I do like this photographing them in front of the windows, the changing daylight changes the pieces and I think it's a really good way to display them (though they probably suffer from too much sunlight, if we had any sun that is)



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