what was the question again?

sometimes it feels like I'm looking for answers to questions I haven't even asked myself, if that makes sense

my life doesn't have a plan, it's a journey; looking back one can see how I got here, but no one could have predicted it. More importantly, I don't know where I'm heading, looking at life this way, it's all a big adventure; walking as I do every day surrounded by moments of beauty and ugliness, I kind of see answers to unposed questions, in the studio things come together, in my mind clarity, or perhaps unfinished business waiting patiently for the right moment, bursts forward and demands my attention. Of course, many 'problems' remain unsolved, perhaps forever.


last evening I returned to this piece; as you can see clearly on the back, the main piece has been sewn on askew; that wasn't my intention, I wanted more space around the original and tried to sew it onto the linen piece and get it straight, but that didn't happen and because I was so frustrated by my inability to get it 'right' I didn't touch it for quite some time. I left it hanging in the studio and eventually did like how it looked, but couldn't make myself continue with it.
Until I joined a new class 'What If Diaries' over at Jude's Spirit Cloth. And she decided to do this deliberately with a piece, which I realise is not the same thing - but, sometimes you get an answer to a question you didn't even ask yourself, and that answer is what you needed to carry on, to just keep on going 


Anonymous said…
your words all make sense...
Saskia said…
oh thanks Dee. life is a wonderful riddle



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