unforseen office doodle

it started with the loop left and then the dog-like creature appeared and he seemed lonesome and in need of company, so the crow-being joined him, and then the tiny bird followed suit; the mouse decided: the more the merrier and finally the insect landed on top, tired from his journeys. They recognised they had stumbled upon the eternal loop &  proclaimed their eternal love, as one does easily at a tender age, without the benefit of hindsight but with an open mind......and bravely they continued to travel together towards the unforseen


Saskia said…
thanks! I just love how a story unfolds thoughtlessly
jude said…
or thought-Fully
Saskia said…
aha! it hadn't occured to me to look at it like that
Heather said…
Doodles can be very revealing of the subconscious. It reminds me of the totem poles here on the west coast.
Saskia said…
ha, must be my Indian streak!

yes, revealing, but not always in obvious way



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