after the gusty, noisy and wet night, wind and rain are on hold and we took the opportunity to walk into the woods; hadn't been there for a week; much has changed: the snows have melted, the earth is soggy and soft; temperature's gone from - 10 to +9 C

there's a new dam!
managing the water on a small scale

......and a lot of water, in the 'sloot' where it should be

and on land, here in the 'griend', where it shouldn't

note to self: visit the Deltawerken, (view on you tube) in Zeeland and the Afsluitdijk , up north, with the boys, for their and our education: watermanagement in the low countries on a grand scale; I'm a lazy mum who feels she should spend more time with the boys hopefully doing stuff we all can enjoy.




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