it's still winter, but a different one: temperature is rising, we have rain coming in from the west, snow and ice are melting; the colours are changing

and straight away: catkins on the willows

I've successfully managed to sew on the airy bits, and want to continue in blues and (muddy) greys. The piece is lighter than in the pic, the blue velvet is more turquoise and grey.

and with the weather changing I'm also looking at a different palette: more shades of brown and grey, with some greens, like outside


Heather said…
I love how your piece is coming along. The colour combinations are so similar to the ones outside my own window. But I notice in the last week how the willow and alder are changing colour and starting to bud out. Spring will be here soon enough!
Saskia said…
oh thank you Heather, I really like these blues and these 'postcards' are a good way for me to discover more about the sewing processes



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