be careful what you wish for...

so apart from celebrating with family and friends the first week of the holidays, I was also cleaning and clearing out stuff, by accident this otter ended up on this huge chunk of wood, and I've decided it's staying with us; not staying are the mice, live ones I mean: there have always been mice in our house, but lately they have invaded the kitchen in an annoying way: 
they carry food with them and enjoy (or so I imagine) their feast in between all the napkins, table-cloths, (tea)towels, placemats...leaving their droppings all over, rather disgusting so I've had to wash it all, and they eat through chocolate wrappers!! now that is just too cheeky, so I've set two traps and hopefully we'll catch enough to scare them back to a safer place (for them and us)
efore my holiday started I was determined I'ld be spending at least one day in pyjama's and watch several films, 'cos there are always loads of those this time of year; as I'd suspected this didn't happen until, until I became ill and had to! I'm still in pyjama's and yesterday I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and thought Audrey Hepburn amazing and what a funny, moving film! I've spent the past couple of days indoors: sleeping a lot, reading a lot, drinking a lot (tea and chicken broth) finally finishing the newspapers from front to back! and watching day-time tv, such as The Great British Bake-off, despite not being able to eat such foods at this moment, I do enjoy watching their incredible creations

and in my feverish dreams I worked out I was going to start the new year with a traditional looking piece, undeterred by my lack of actual stitching-tradition-knowledge; today I have finally managed to stitch this together, my arms (whole body in fact) still ache(s), but I had to make Something


Valerianna said…
I huddled on the sofa, drinking lemon ginger tea, feeling cold by the wood stove, but its warm in here... second day of not feeling well. Hope you are better very soon!!
Nancy said…
Oh my, so many seem to be 'under the weather' as the saying goes. I really do think our odd weather patterns are playing with us, hard! I hope you feel better soon.
The cloth is charming and speaks of home. Why do hearts and plaid do that?!
Saskia said…
oh Valerianna I do hope you get better soon, as well! Don't forget to enjoy the rest.
and yes Nancy: the weather is Strange for January, too warm and Very Damp over here, not a healthy climate, however I'm enjoying myself (when awake) with films and (sketch)books and newspapers and cloth, and the boys are very sweet.
Saskia said…
I know, he just seems so Real
jude said…
a nine patch cures all.
Saskia said…
that is a great comfort, Jude
Anonymous said…
hope you are well when you read this note! I love the one plaid patch tipped on its side - it introduces something to the traditional that is extra.

My favorite 'find' movie of this season was an old one -- "Waiting for the Light" with Shirley McLaine (McClaine?)... it was tender and sweet and funny.
Saskia said…
hi Dee: I am feeling better thank you, had my first walk this morning, wow that felt great after a week locked up indoors!and went to the office this afternoon: rather tiring but I am glad I went, Made me feel useful again.



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