same walk in the uiterwaarden as last week, but oh my how the weather has changed; it looks bleak here, and believe me it was freezing cold with a sharp easterly wind and it has started to snow as I'm typing

I've sewn on the white sun and removed the red one that just didn't feel right anymore

a splash of orange and red in the studio: that's another thing I like about the cold outside: inside I can have a roaring fire in the woodburner and Tungsten can lie on the carpet


Nancy said…
Love how the branches raise up to hold the white sun! Looks beautiful in your world, but too cold for me!
Anonymous said…
I really, really love that second photo, with the posts showing almost like the edge of a zipper. What beautiful greys!
Saskia said…
thanks Nancy, & yes it is cold, but I have bought a great wintercoat this year and no longer dread going out
Dee: as I grow older, I see beauty in so much more things, subtle colours and messy spots; and I have come to love this undramatic, manmade landscape, because I walk in it every day



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