we went out for a walk in the dark light, and no sooner had we crossed the dike, we heard a rustle and as we descended down the other side towards the river, we saw three! roedeer, pouncing alongside and then away from us.....out of sight
 we followed their prints and discovered they had walked over 'our' path along the river's edge

snakelike treetrunk
here's T standing on the frozen river drinking really cold water, this is one of his regular drinking spots, so he really wants to drink here if at all possible


jude said…
I know how that feels.
Anonymous said…
my Jack loves drinking outside, too... tho we have to put water out for him.
Saskia said…
Jude: you have a regular drinking spot too?!
Dee: he loves eating snow as well, brrrr
Hi, Saskia. I've enjoyed seeing your stitching in your blog. Very lovely work. Glad you'll be over at the Diaries. Your photos look a bit too cold for my taste!
best from Tunisia,
Saskia said…
hi Nadia, welcome here and thanks for leaving a comment; yes joining the class is a very good thing! will see you there.



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