blue winds

amazing how such a seemingly fragile weave survives all types of weather and remains intact, despite the strong winds; I see a spider's nest in the corner

this morning we went for a short walk in the pouring rain with friends; it was good to be outdoors, but it was an ideal day to spend indoors in the studio; this afternoon, thankfully, the sun showed her face and T. and I took a hike along the river; there were hundreds of gulls on the water, they're there in the photo, but to small to see

it's very windy


Nancy said…
Oooh! I can feel the wind in the reeds! :) Reminds me of Grace's flags of wind in her yard and cloth :)
Valerianna said…
Very, very windy here, too... Scary kind of wind! Hope its not scary there.
Saskia said…
yes Nancy, I was thinking the exact same thing this morning, Grace's crow luring woman's flag!
Valerianna: it wasn't too scary, it's finally gone quiet out



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