it's cold out

an easterly wind is blowing

the light is extraordinary

I wasn't a fan of the cold; this year however, I have embraced winter, I'm  enjoying it! I don't know why, maybe because the light is overwhelming and I love the stark black lines of the trees and plants against the white-grey skies.
And I'm hoping the rivers and ponds will freeze so we can go skating on natural ice; and the blanket of snow hides the messy bits in the garden, and the view from the studio window is so pretty.....the dog loves winter too.


deanna7trees said…
when i was a teenager living in New York, our house was at the edge of very wide street. when we would get an ice storm and the street was frozen over, we would ice skate. it was wonderful. thanks for bringing back that memory. hope you get your wish. i've lived in Austin, TX for over 35 years now and i couldn't handle that kind of cold anymore.
Saskia said…
oh, the maze that is our brain; it never ceases to surprise me how all of a sudden memories 'return'
thanks for sharing your childhood memory Deanna, and I know if I lived in a hot climate (which I love) I'ld stay away from the cold.



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