went for a morning walk with dog and husband; the dog loves the cold and kept walking ahead of us, sniffing all over, my husband said for the dog it was like reading a news paper: the scents of birds, other dogs, a hare, the odd fox and who knows what else

usually, Tungsten and I walk along the river on the opposite side, today we're walking in the 'uiterwaarden',  the stretch of land alongside a river which can become flooded when waterlevels rise

frozen water, almost cloudlike
dead goose

here one can see the water that sits on the land, as it were, it's very shallow and attracts many birds, mainly geese, but we also see terns, ducks, gulls and pheasants

amazing, last week he couldn't get up, because of his arthritis! we took him to the vet and he's had an injection to strengthen his muscles and now he's Alive


Valerianna said…
Great news about your dog... may he continue to thrive!!
Saskia said…
we are very grateful, but I do realise his days are numbered ....and we will have to see how far he can take it



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