eye opener

whilst D. lay in the OR, I went for a walk - to distract myself - art on the wall

behind the tree a Picasso sculpture

art on the street

Andy Warhol's famous quote

and back in the Eyehospital waiting-room a book on trompe l'oeil, with a painting that hangs in the Statens Museum in Copenhagen, a museum I have visited 
back home, I've started introducing christmas decorations, like this papier mâché tree I made for x-mas last year;

we woke up at 5am this morning to a white world, which for me was scary as we had to drive to Rotterdam to the Eyehospital for D's retina operation, the by-roads were white, once we were on the highway it was okay, even though it continued to snow; by 6:30 we had arrived at our destination and we were on time for the check-in at 6:45, the operation started 8 am; I had breakfast, read a bit and, as mentioned went for a stroll. Everything went smoothly and we were back here half past one, this was very good news for me because it meant I could have my tires changed to 'winter tires', relief on many fronts!
Tomorrow we have another appointment with the surgeon and then weekend!
D's in bed sleeping......


deanna7trees said…
glad to hear things went well with the surgery.
Yvette said…
be carefull tomorrow...it's snowing now in the middle of the night and the wheather forcast is not good

good luck Saskia!
Saskia said…
Deanna: huge relief!
Yvette: we will be Very Careful.

thanks to both of you for your warm comments. It means a lot.



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