today was a first for me in the art of cleaving wood; as I want to spare my husband's eye I decided I would have a go at splitting chunks of wood. After a couple of failed attempts: success; I know it's only two baskets, but hey I can do this now


Yvette said…
sterkte met de ogen van je hub....isn't cleavage the same as have a big pile of wood for the door....big's all in the name
like your comments at grace's blog
wendy said…
Veel sterkte jullie daar, ik hoop dat het beter komt met zijn ogen.
Saskia said…
ha Yvette: dank je, hij gaat gewoon door! cleavage=decolleté, een woordgrapje
hallo Wendy: dank jullie wel! D. blijft kalm als altijd.
Anonymous said…
Haven't been here in a little bit. Is your husband OK? I hope so. Best of health to him.
Saskia said…
Dee: he's fine, unshaken to be honest; I'm the nervous one...but Life goes on and so do we.
coming to a place where we NEED
to do things, often, circumstance...
and then we DO them
and know we can.
for me, all that has been
empowering to use a much over
used word.
beautiful work here.
Saskia said…
I do believe that much of what I've learned has happened because I had to, wanting to wasn't always enough



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