the small apple

Yesterday: spent the day-after-xmas (window)shopping in Amsterdam (we'd stayed with my sister) and visited the Apple store, I have never seen a store like it, ever, everything is Perfect, a very weird sensation to walk in a Perfect World

new&old, after a long walk we ended up having coffee and Apple-pie in the cafe-restaurant in the theatre, seen here in the background, opposite the Apple store

usually when walking throught the city centre, we walk through 'our' old street, the Runstraat, where we used to live as a couple before the children and the move to the countryside: second floor up is what we called 'home

Today: water level's gone down! this measuring stick refers to NAP, Normaal Amsterdams Peil, which is the referenceheight to which heightmeasurements are related in the Netherlands. Simply said NAP more or less equals average sealevel. However I can't make out how this measuring stick compares to the NAP, because there is no '-'  or '+' sign above the numbers in the blue here; does it mean the waterlevel's 90 cm above NAP or what, will investigate further - have not yet found an answer on internet; I'm hoping the guy who works for the pumping-station will visit one of these days, he'll probably know more.


Nancy said…
Looks like a nice relaxing visit :) My son went to University in Amsterdam for a year through his college (SF State, here in California)
And yes, aren't apple stores amazing?!
Valerianna said…
That does look like quite the Apple store!
Saskia said…
goodevening to you Nancy and Valerianna: well it was worth the visit; our eldest son finally managed to buy a new pair of shoes for the winter, the boys don't enjoy shopping (nor do I)just a couple of hours wandering about is quite enough for the 4 of us.



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