sun and water

water level's still rising


Nancy said…
I remember reading the story of the little boy who held back the sea when the dike sprang a leak. A little blond child in a land so far from my own. I can't quite put into words how this story ripped at my heart. I felt his dilemma! how could he just walk away and let catastrophe happen...but he was so tired and his little thumb was all he had to offer to solve this problem...and no one was coming to help!!! But, of course adults finally show up and he is the much appreciated hero! What valuable lessons are learned here. Do what you can, where you can, when you can...with what you have. Step up! Be responsible. Look to the greater good of all, participate in proactive! Every person counts and can contribute...
Did I miss anything major? Ha! I can still visualize the illustrations in this book, it so captivated me.
I love seeing your right now, real life water reports :)
Saskia said…
hi Nancy: it is rather a good story with all the elements of a fairy tale....I can still see the illustrations to the story in my head, indeed a small, very blond boy with a cap (I think). I'm glad the dikes are here to protect us, or rather, without them we wouldn't be Here!
Nancy said…
Saskia...yes! I remember the cap he was wearing on his very blond head! Oh, how very much I loved this tale :)



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