winter wonderland

 Art in the Eyehospital

at midday we had an appointment with the surgeon who performed the operation yesterday, he looked into D's eye and said 'it looks good, very good'
relief and gratitude
grateful for swift help, excellent service from all hospital staff, (moral) support from friends & family, winter tires, art in unexpected places

back home in the woods I could finally enjoy the winter wonderland


how the water converges, the
branches of the two trees,
i think of you and your man and
your long way ahead.
have you ever made a tiny boat,
like a walnut shell boat and
set it to sail in those canals?
Saskia said…
never made a tiny boat; what I did do with the boys was 'pooh sticks', from Winnie-the-pooh: throwing sticks into the water from a bridge and seeing which one would pass under first. Come to think of it, it was also a way to get them to go for a walk with me and the dog.....
D's doing fine, it is weird him being so dependent on me, we've both grown some, there's a lot of love.
jude said…
beautiful photos, glad things are better. a lot of love is good.
Pooh Sticks.
how great because i was going to
say something about Pooh Sticks
but didn't. and you did.
If you were to say the words
Pooh Sticks around either of my children OR the grandchildren, you would see such beautific smiles
light them up.
long moments, waiting waiting waiting on the other side of the
bridge, the pathway...the intense
excitement...who WHO would emerge first!...
oh, sigh. this Life..............
Valerianna said…
What a relief... glad you can now enjoy the winterland!
Saskia said…
Grace, Jude and Valerianna: thank you!
many sighs, of relief and joy, and wonderment at the beauty and fragility of it all....
jan said…
good result/s all round then saskia.
I'm really pleased everything went so well. relax; enjoy; & look after yourself, as well as your family!
Saskia said…
thanks Jan: he's doing well, resting and taking things as they come, he's a good patient.
Yvette: oh, dank je



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