early morning walk

dropped the car off at the garage for a repair to one of the sensors and walked back home with the dog. After a hike on the cycle-path we entered the golf course; the general public is allowed access onto a footpath with 'sloten'= canals on either side, photo above.

coot (meerkoet) prints 
I think these are hare tracks

the golf course path ends, one crosses a small road and the walk continues into the woods, on the right; to the left a farmer's fields and yet another 'sloot'. You can see all sorts of tracks in the snow: roe deer, humans, dogs, rabbits and hares, various birds

Tungsten LOVES snow

we met two other people in the woods, with cameras; no other dogs, a pheasant flew up, other than the tracks, very little evidence of animal life


Marti said…
I've been meaning to come back here because I like the way you see the world and how your art sings to me. It was so good to hear that your husband's eye surgery went well; heart skipped a beat when I read of all that has gone on since I last visited. Continued blessings to him, to you, your boys. May you enjoy the quiet joys that are the gifts of the coming Winter Solstice.
Yvette said…
wat een gave naam van je hond
Saskia said…
hi Marti: thank you for liking the way I see the world, I'm glad my art sings to you! husband's recovering well, it will take time and he is a patient man.
Yvette: je snapt wel dat hij een heel bijzondere hond is.
Valerianna said…
Lovely and wintry... here, it just got warm again, strange.
Saskia said…
well, weather has changed completely, not quite as lovely, very wet & grey
Heather said…
Gorgeous pictures, so atmospheric.
Saskia said…
it was a truly wonder-full walk
mimmin dove said…
Hello Saskia
I found you through jude and grace. I posted a link just now to this page in a comment on jude's blog because her dyed cloth Footsteps Across the Moon reminded me of one of your photos and realise that I should have asked you first. I hope you don't mind. Love your photos.
Saskia said…
not at all, mimmin dove, in fact I'm honoured
mimmin dove said…
thanks saskia, as soon as I pressed enter I had a little panic :-)



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