dog's eye

when you really look at something, oh my, so much to see: the way the hairs go in different directions, the softness of the eyelashes, the subtle shades
 added a patch to the autumn piece, there's a small tear in the grey fabric; I noticed it echoed the photo I made the other day.  I think if I try and put my hazy thoughts into words, there is an ongoing story in my mind, my body of which I'm not always aware...mmm, this sounds more complicated than it is, I don't mean a coherent tale with beginning, moral and end, just strands of life passing through me; at times getting caught in material objects, connected, always connected at some point in time.


yes. in two place. different
and Same
Saskia said…
yes, and also the tear was a reminder of the tear in D's eye, (funny how you can read 'tear' two ways here) sewing this particular patch has helped me deal with this whole situation. And also we wanted reassurance from the doctors that we were in good hands and things were gonna be okay, and I thought of all the customers who I talk to and they basically want just that: a kind word of reassurance. So in our hour of need I heard theirs - so here I am again learning, vision shifting.
Nancy said…
You are so correct, a kind word, offered gently goes a long way.



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